LYNDON TV || SEASON 4 || EPISODE 10 : 2017 : A Look Back

Some of my 2017 highlights.



09 January 2017

Maraming Magandang Filipino Films.



1. All of you is very different from the tandem’s last team-up in “Engling Only, Please”. I thought I’d be disappointed but I wasn’t.
2. Jennylyn and Derek proved that they are really good actors in this movie. Jennylyn’s attacks are very real, it’s as if she’s not acting. This is Derek’s best act so far. I told myself he will take home the best actor award and guess what, I’m right.
3. In my opinion, there was an attempt to make this a “Before Sunrise” type of movie but somehow didn’t deliver because other characters are needed for the flow of the story.
4. The songs used in this movie are both promising. “Dying Inside” is one of my fave 90s songs and Darren Espanto’s version is good. “Natapos Tayo” by Nar Cabicois the heart of sad scenes. Good job, Nar!
5. Nothing extraordinary, No big scenes, No hugot lines but it will make you love the movie more. The music, the scenes and the actors are solid. You did it again, Direk Dan Villegas: You’re the man! More movies like this, please.




1. The cinematography of this movie is awesome. The drone, underwater, long and close-up shots were all good. It’s just that there are few scenes that have grainy shots, I don’t know why it was like that but it’s not good for viewers but not bad as well.
2. Jericho Rosales proved again that he is a good actor. He can be a jerk musician then switch to a lovable pinoy surfer dude. Erich Gonzales for me is the most improved actress, this is the first time that I see her without awkwardness in her acting. Jasmine Curtis-Smith is really a good actress. I watched her in Baka Bukas and Imagine You and Me and her acting attack? Effortless. She’s even better than her sister, Anne Curtis-Smith.
3. The story is ok-ok. I believe that there should be at least a back story for their sub-plots. To be honest, remove the story of Erich and the movie will still be complete. Cameo galore, fun to see a lot of actors.
4. Hale’s Alon is the perfect choice for the film’s theme song. Good job, Champ Lui-Pio! I know Echo can sing and he is a musician in the movie but the scene where he is singing a song for Jasmine’s character, I was lost. Sorry, Echo (you’re a good actor though). 5. If people will ask me what will I remember with this movie, it will be SIARGAO the place. Good job, Direk Paulo Sariano! You deserve the award.
6/10 for me. Watch


Haunted Forest


1. When I saw the trailer of this movie, I told myself, “uhhhhhmm, how original?” (Think HAUNTED HOUSE, HAUNTED MANSION…). The story? GMA’s Luna Blanca and some horror story with virgin ladies being the target of the maligno. How original right? (Sorry guys ✌🏻️).
2. In my opinion, this will be a better movie if they include this in the “Aswang Chronicles” franchise. I mean, the “SITSIT” is one of the least popular “maligno” just like Kubot and it’ll be better if Erik Matti took charge of it. (Sorry guys ✌🏻️).
3. How many times have we seen the city girl who is the “pasaway” in the family as the victim of the maligno? Countless right? If that’s your kind of movie, this is for you. (Sorry guys ✌🏻️).
4. The cast. I really don’t know how the director and the producer picked the cast for this movie. The lead actress is very awkward. Her cousin in the movie is a way better actress than her but always cast as the best friend or the second lead. The guys who played their partners in this movie? I can compare to the 3rd wheel actor from the Vince & Kath & James movie, so blah. Joey is ok-ok but his role is small so you won’t see a lot him. I actually though he is the sitsit. (Sorry guys ✌🏻️).
5. A horror film that is funny and annoying. The albularyo scene is horrific. The climax of the movie is a fail. Betong is not funny. The only reason why I watched this film is because it’s free. (Sorry guys ✌🏻️).

I know I’ve said “Sorry” many times in this review, it’s because I believe that if you have nothing good to say, don’t talk, but I need to review this movie just like the other MMFF entries.




1. I think I’ve seen this movie already in the MMFF 2016, was my first reaction at the beginning of the film. 2 gay best friends with death as the main story, but I’m wrong this movie is very different from Die Beautiful.
2. Just like Paolo and Christian, Joross and Edgar gave justice to their characters. You would actually think that they are both gays in real life. EA Guzman is a revelation, he truly deserve the award. IMO though, he could have been included in the best actor category as well.
3. This is one of those movies that will make you go crazy. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute you’re crying then you’ll be laughing the next scene, without briefing.
4. Is Eugene Domingo’s character just a cameo in this film? Without a doubt, most of my laughter were because of her scenes. She’s didn’t even say a word but her face, her facial expression, it’s priceless. Hands down, Uge! 👌🏻
5. I was a bit shocked with the ending because I didn’t see that coming. It was done tastefully and hindi “pilit”.

Moral of the story – Don’t be a snake. Especially with your friends, “wag ahas”. Know your boundaries. Serious note, Soulmates are not just your gf/bf/husband and wife. They can also be your mother, sister, cousin or your Best Friend.




1. I’m not a big fan of musicals (except High School Musical 😂). I sometimes find it boring when they sing all their lines. I had hesitations watching this movie because it’s a period musical and I know the lines would be “malalim na tagalog”, but Surprisingly, I liked it.
2. The lead actresses Rachelle and Joana did great. In every scene, every song and every confrontation, they did great. 👌🏻
3. Paulo Avelino did great as well in this movie, minus the singing part. Just by whispering to Rachelle’s character, you will feel the sexiness that his character wanted you to feel.
4. The production set is good. They could’ve done it better if they have other setting than the house and the church but I’m not complaining.
5. The cameo actors are all great but the one who out shined them all is Celeste Legaspi. I think there were only 2 or 3 scenes but she nailed every scene that she’s present.




1. The last MMFF movie of Vice that I watched was Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. I was forced to watch it because 3/4 wanted it and The movie I want to that time was Kimmy Dora. We were also forced to watch Sisterakas in 2012 because Sosy Problems had a technical difficulty and Sisterakas is the only film available for the last full show. In short, I don’t like VG’s MMFF entries.
2. Surprisingly, this movie is her best yet.
3. They could’ve thought of better names other than Gandarra, Flawlessa, Higopa and Pospora. Hey, it’s just me, I’m sure your target audience liked it though.
4. I don’t usually laugh while watching films especially slapstick comedy. There were 2 scenes in this movie that made me smile though but the whole cinema is filled with laughter. It’s almost full, not bad on a Tuesday night. Iba talaga pag movie ni Vice.
5. Pia is not bad or good in this movie. There are many rooms for improvement but she did ok for her first movie. IMO though, this is not a good first movie fit for a Miss Universe. She can be the new Darna. Peace Lizquens ✌🏻️.




1. Honestly, I don’t have any idea that there is a Panday movie in the MMFF 2017. Maybe because I spent most of the time now being online than watching TV. I believe Chard just did Panday last 2016, right? Why do it again? Ahhhh, because you consider him as the “FPJ” of this era.
2. The story is very different from the previous Panday movies. At first, I thought it was good but as it go on, I got lost. There are so many subplots that are unnecessary and unexplained.
3. Another thing, I thought I was watching “Ang Probinsyano” because most of the cast of that series are part of this film. Kudos to Coco Martin for giving jobs to all these people. Keep it up! I didn’t even know he is the director of this movie. 👍🏻
4. The rap-off scene was soooo annoying. Imagine in the middle of a demolition people started doing freestyle rapping. I have to give it to them that it is creative but it’s really annoying.
5. The only saving grace of this movie is somehow the cinematography and the CGI effects. Think, Aswang Chronicles ✖️ Encantadia (this is the second time I mentioned Aswang Chronicles in my reviews) combined. Also, who would’ve thought that the chaotic Divisoria could be an artistic location. Very clever!




1. Bossing’s film festival movies is my annual movie date with my Mommy Yo for 15 years already. We always watch his movie on the first day but this year it’s different. We watched it on the last day of the festival but for me, this is Vic Sotto’s best festival entry yet.
2. The story is not new at all. Think Parent Trap and all those Kids-Trying-To-Reconcile-Their-Parents movies, this is nothing different.
3. Most of movies really have subplots especially for the supporting characters but the love stories of Christian and Rihanna and Alex and Diego are both shallow and obviously added for nothing.
4. Baste truly deserve the Best Child Performer Award. His innocence and the way he delivers his line, it is soooooo cute. He made me cry a couple of times in this movie. His Mama and Papa must be very proud.
5. The best part of this movie is the flashback. It was very creative. I enjoyed all of it. It’s nice to see Tintin Hermosa on screen again. I hope she can do more movies in the future.





1. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t amazed. Then I heard they used Sa’yo as the movie’s theme song (which is my favorite OPM song) and I got excited. It’s just that I still prefer @silentsanctuaryonline‘s version.

2. 2 characters talking plus minimal scenes for other characters is the fad now, I guess (That thing called Tadhana and Kita Kita). The storyline of this movie is very different though. It was well written (thanks to @belapadilla).

3. Piolo and Toni got chemistry and both are great actors. It’s just that Toni’s shouting made me want to cover my ears in most of the scenes in the beginning.

4. There’s this scene where I somehow figured out the twist of the movie. Guess what? I’m ‘effin right! (I’ve guessed Kita Kita as well). The movie might be boring to some especially those who are mainstream/romcom formula lovers.

5. I think @direkbinibini is back at it. This is “The Joyce Bernal” that I know. The director that made me love many Pinoy Films. You did great once again, Direk Joyce.

Life Lesson : In life, we will meet many people. These people will teach us different things like being strong, falling in love and appreciate life. Cherish each moment with the people who thought you how to appreciate life more and saved you from your loneliness because you’ll never know, it might be the LAST NIGHT.

#Lyndons5Review || Wonder Woman



  1. I Enjoyed Batman vs Superman when Gal Gadot appeared as Wonder Woman. That scene was so intense, and that intensity was continued in this movie.
  2. The beach war scene is something to look forward to. It was DC’s best fight scene so far. The finale fight scene was so-so though.
  3. It’s a mix of comedy, drama, action, suspense with a heart. Not to mention, it’s a period movie.
  4. The only thing that bothers me when it comes to origin movies, there’s a tendency for the movie to be boring. There were few sequences that made me want to get a remote control and fast-forward those scenes.
  5. This is so far the most action-packed and exciting DC Cinematic Universe movie that can somehow match the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Additional Note : Marvel should now start to conceptualize their first female superhero movie. Someone from the X-Men perhaps?




19 May 2017

Dear Define Don,

Hello! I find it weird that I am actually asking this to you. I am Gino 27 years old and currently working as a Med rep in Ortigas. Please don’t publish my real name. I’ve been having these questions for about years now. It all started when I became friends with Dustin, another med rep from our company. Most of the people from our area are aware that Dustin is not a straight guy. It’s just that no one would dare to ask him about his sexuality. We knew each other for 5 years already since we were 1 wave away from each other. He’s from Wave 12 and I’m from Wave 11. We would normally see each other during area meetings or outings. Just last 2015, we attended a seminar together, he talked to me and that started our close friendship. Suddenly, he’ll message me on Facebook, sometimes he will use the office email to have a conversation with me. We would have lunch together if we’re in the same area. This went on for months, then there’s this one night our area had a party and we all got drunk. He asked me if I could join him in his car to sleep for a bit. Inside the car, we talked about our personal lives. I’ve shared to him the stories of my family and my last relationship, he was just listening. When I thought he was asleep, I told him I like him. At first he didn’t say anything. I repeat it and he said “Yeah, I know…”. He looked at me then I kissed him, he didn’t stop me then we went back to the party. We didn’t talk for 4 days after that kissing thing. When we started taking again, it’s as if nothing happened. I would try to ignore his messages and calls but he’s really persistent. Honestly, I could tell with his actions that he likes me too but what do you think is the reason why he can’t say it? What do you think is the problem with Dustin? This is really weird but I can’t wait for your thoughts on this.

– Gino

Hey Gino! Thank you for sharing your story. Just so you know, your story is the first ever #AskLyndon entry. It’s 2 months late though, I haven’t checked my email until today. Sorry.

Ok, this is a very difficult situation to be in. I mean, it’s like reading between not so clear lines. Good thing and Bad thing, let’s start with the good thing.

We should always trust our instincts because most of the time we are correct. So if you feel that Dustin likes you too, there’s a big possibility that he really likes you. The bad thing is that there is a small percentage that he is just a “pa-fall” guy, there are lots of people like them out there. If you are to ask me, Yes, I can see that he likes you also. There might be some things that stopping him to admit his feelings for you. First, you’ve mentioned that he is a closet gay. That is one of the most stressful feelings ever. He might be having troubles with his family and coming out of the closet will just add more stress. Second, he might be the type of person who is not yet ready to commit. He might be enjoying his journey being single. Third, He might experienced a bad past relationship and he is just being careful this time. Fourth, he might be in a relationship now and he just wants to be friends with you. And lastly, he might just be waiting for the right time. Remember: Timing is everything.

Maybe you can try these things.

  • ASK. There are lots of questions running in your mind and Dustin’s answers will give your speculations a rest. This is the best thing to do.
  • WAIT. You can just wait for him to confess his feelings for you. So if you’re not in a hurry, you have all the time in the world. You’ll never know it might be worth the wait.
  • SAY GOODBYE. Move on and and forget your feelings for him. There are lots of fishes in the sea. Lol. 😀 On a serious note, you might be just wasting your time waiting for nothing.

At the end of the day, it’s still you who will decide what to do in this episode of your life. If ever you guys will end up together I know you would be happy, if not, then learn from this experience and make sure not to commit the same mistake again in the future.

So there, I hope I’ve helped you with your question and not confuse you even more. By the way, I picked a song for you. 🙂 This song suits your story.

Always follow your heart,




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