Topshop || Topman Flagship Store Re-Opening

25 May 2011

I believe most of you will agree with me that “Bills Payment” mails are the most stressful. Not just the bills but also the toxic of paying it. I personally go to the bank and telco store to pay. I don’t just ask someone to do it for me, it’s the “OC” in me when it comes to numbers. One night, while checking on my billing mails I saw a not so familiar envelope. I felt so special when I opened it.

It’s an invitation for the re-opening of Topshop/Topman Flagship Store.


I tried to invite some of my friends since I am entitled to bring a +1. Only Karla was available on the day of the event. She also likes photography and I thought we can practice it there.

TOPSHOP is a British fashion retailer brand of clothing, accessories, shoes and make-up for women while TOPMAN is the fashion business counterpart of Topshop that caters men’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

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Some of the photos outside the store before the event started. Since I received an invite, we can already enter the store during press event.

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Good food, booze and wine and good music while shopping? It’s the best place on earth right?

The Food.

250079_10150311308679167_7202027_n 249930_10150311312384167_7266983_n 248909_10150311309584167_8221551_n 248737_10150311313299167_451631_n 248372_10150311310809167_3395984_n 248013_10150311312289167_6160932_n 247116_10150311315579167_6985027_n 246703_10150311309274167_6127895_n 246690_10150311312449167_5712218_n

There’s Wine, Beer and Water.

247080_10150311314414167_4870895_n247182_10150311314509167_3147333_n 249474_10150311312919167_5235433_n

DJ’s spinning.


DJ Ornusa personally asked for this shot and she asked me to pout. That’s the only “pout” that I can. Lol!


Some of the cute stuff.

250937_10150311314629167_6546762_n 247456_10150311314699167_4198414_n250329_10150311310739167_1758422_n247992_10150311309349167_4218020_n249467_10150311310039167_510812_n 249234_10150311310129167_1415359_n 248856_10150311310204167_3138951_n 248250_10150311312064167_5992513_n

Of course if it’s a fashion or clothing line event, for sure there will be people with #OOTD worthy outfit.

The Women.

250639_10150311313079167_2103277_n 250405_10150311312989167_96904_n 248420_10150311313194167_4424068_n 247503_10150311313549167_2247212_n 247437_10150311308359167_3383354_n

The Men.

250838_10150311308769167_7612700_n 250392_10150311308944167_3811076_n 249959_10150311308864167_4265781_n 249776_10150311310279167_7214516_n 249809_10150311310549167_3812331_n 248795_10150311310419167_7306157_n 247670_10150311309669167_6836388_n 247189_10150311310644167_3882182_n 246774_10150311308239167_6693040_n

The Celebrities.

Phoemela Baranda


Marie Digby


Ornusa Cadness


Georgina Wilson


And last but not the least, my outfit of the day.


More photos.

250051_10150311315519167_542722_n 249859_10150311315394167_5463557_n 248929_10150311311474167_4945818_n 248915_10150311314849167_5096916_n 248647_10150311310959167_7476429_n 248265_10150311311514167_3720264_n 248144_10150311313364167_4670881_n 247724_10150311315189167_7969839_n247470_10150311314759167_5416975_n 247532_10150311309444167_6704887_n 246806_10150311311969167_5246363_n246742_10150311308049167_3591806_n247430_10150311314149167_4342806_n247931_10150311312644167_1587927_n

Thank you again, Topshop and Topman Philippines for inviting me!