The Breakup Playlist

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I know a lot of us have been through break-ups already. It’s not just boyfriend/girlfriend breakup, there are sibling breakup, best friend breakup and a whole lot more. Breakup is a very sad and painful feeling. Automatically, what we want is to be happy again. We will shop, have a new haircut, travel, pray or read a book, but the first thing that we really want to do after a breakup is to listen to music. Agree? There’s a magic in every song that it brings us back to the time where we first heard it. Listening to these songs brings us good and bad memories. Most of the time, songs make us cry and that’s normal. It helps us confront our feelings and move on. Crying also helps us to let go of our baggage and end the suffering.

I made a playlist on SPOTIFY, search: DON MARTIN on Spotify and go to my THE BREAKUP PLAYLIST. If you don’y have SPOTIFY account, you can check the songs below.

10. ALMOST LOVER – A Fine Frenzy

This song is about an almost relationship. We all know that “almost relationships” are painful as official relationships. There are lots of questions, unanswered and most of the time there are no closures.

“I never want to see you unhappy, I thought you’d want the same for me…”

Video Credit: Adelina Pop || YOUTUBE.

9. BROKEN STRINGS – James Morrison

This song is about a recent break-up and the hard part of dealing with it.

“I try to hold on, but it hurts too much. I try to forgive, but it’s not enough to make it all okay…”

Video Credit : Naiu || YOUTUBE

8. IT’S OVER NOW – Kyla

This song is about falling out of love and the process of forgetting someone.

“Though the feeling hasn’t passed, sad to say our love didn’t last…”

Video Credit : Labyrinth Thez || YOUTUBE

7. BEFORE I LET YOU GO – Freestyle

Before I let you go is about someone who is still in love with the person even after that person left him. He doesn’t have a choice but to let that person go.

“‘Cause letting love go is never easy, but I love you so that’s why I set you free…”


6. TO MOVE ON – Kithara

This song is telling us about the process of moving on and how hard it is.

“The more i try to ignore you my heart points to you, and when i try to run from you my mind thinks of you…”

Video Credit: KITHARA || YOUTUBE

5. SOMEDAY – Nina

Someday is a song about a woman who’s trying to move on after his ex-boyfriend left her.

“Someday someone’s gonna love me, the way I wanted you to need me, someday someone’s gonna take your place…”

Video Credit: Shalom Baltazar || YOUTUBE


Obviously, just like the first few lines of this song, this is about a love at the wrong time and the hope of meeting that love again in the future.

“Letting go is just another way to say, Ill always love you so…”

Video Credit : Rachel Reyes || YOUTUBE


This song is about a love that you thought will last forever but it ended and how you badly wanted to move on and detach yourself from that person.

“Mga nakasanayan, dapat ng kalimutan, upang di tayo magkasakitan…”

Video Credit: turpeetur || YOUTUBE

2. FIX YOU – Coldplay

Fix You is a song about how much you wanted to still be there for the person even after you’ve gone separate ways.

“When you love someone, but it goes to waste, could it be worse…?”

Video Credit: Salinas Landin || YOUTUBE

1. LET ME BE THE ONE – Jimmy Bondoc

This song is the ultimate breakup song. No need to explain it.

“Let me be the one to break it up , so you won’t have to make excuses…”

Video Credit: just07know || YOUTUBE

I know it’s hard to deal with a breakup. Just always remember, that everything will be alright. Remember that oh so familiar song, “there’s a rainbow always after the rain…” The best part of it? We all know how to love.

Love. Love. Love,