#Lyndons5Review || Beauty and the Beast (2017)



  1. At first, I thought doing a live action of my favorite Disney animated film is not a good idea but this movie didn’t disappoint me at all. It is very magical.
  2. When I heard Emma Watson turned down La La Land, I was like “What was she thinking?”, but her first appearance as Belle, Emma is Belle. Hermione Granger is gone.
  3. Luke Evans is so effective as Gaston. You will hate him and his narcissist ways. The character was highlighted more in this movie than in the animated film.
  4. I must admit that there are scenes that I’ve pictured on my mind that I didn’t see but the execution in the film was entertaining.
  5. There are just some things better left untouched, just like the theme song. The original version is way better than the version of Ari and John Legend but yeah, it’s 2017, so giving it an updated beat is alright, it’s not bad either. The songs will surely bring you back to your childhood days.

#Lyndons5Review || 2 Cool 2 be 4 Gotten


  1. The cinematography was done nicely. Imagine the lahar, grass field and beach as backdrop.
  2. The 3 main characters are all good. Khalil is very subtle, Jameson is an effective D-Bag and Ethan is good for a newbie.
  3. The incorporation of the 90’s era added coolness to the film (certified #90sKid here).
  4. A lot of people can definitely relate to this film. First friend, first crush, first love and first sexual awakening (BEAT THAT!).
  5. This is not your usual coming-of-age movie, it was surprisingly dark. A possible sequel won’t do any harm but also okay if there will be none.

#Lyndons5Review || Logan


  1. The movie is awesome gruesome. Wolverine’s fight scene will force you to cover your eyes but you will remove it in less than a second.
  2. It’s Twilight meets Hunger Games meets X-Men kind of film.
  3. Dafne Keen who played Laura is the perfect choice for the role. She reminded me of Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl Season 1.
  4. The family arc in the film is very heartwarming. You will feel how Charles loves Logan and how Logan loves Charles and also Logan’s love for laura.
  5. This is the Wolverine movie that we are all waiting for. I can’t imagine it having a different ending.


06 April 2012



J.CO Donuts is a cafe that started in Indonesia in 2005. Just this year, they’ve opened their first chain in the Philippines. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be a craze just like Magnum ice cream. So before people tagged J.CO as the donuts for social climbers, let me share to you the newest donut in town. J.CO DONUTS!

If you’re a fan of not-so-sweet donuts, J.CO is the best option. And just like me, I know you will all be curious with what the flavors taste like. With catchy names like Blueberry Moore, Heaven Berry and Avocado di Caprio, who wouldn’t be thrilled if they hear the Hollywood sounding names as a donut flavor. And of course my favorite Alcapone, not the gangster but the almond slivers and Belgian white chocolate covered donut.


You’re J.CO experience will not be complete if you will not try Mona Pisa, a pizza like donut with sausage and cheese and of course the Club Cheesy Rich donut sandwich that will remind you of our ENSAYMADA.

Visit J.CO now!