#Lyndons5Review || Finally Found Someone



  1. To be honest, I was disappointed that this is their follow-up movie to the very successful Miggy-Laida Trilogy.
  2. The comedy aspect of this movie is very awkward. Far from the last 3 movies of JLC and SG.
  3. Seriously, mainstream films should stop endorsing products in every scene. It’s useless.
  4. Sarah’s very beautiful screen presence is pleasing to the eyes.
  5. The only saving grace of this movie is John Lloyd. No doubt he is a good actor. You will fall in love, cry, get mad and smile with him in every scene. Maybe, I have high expectations with this movie since this is the 4th team-up of the lead stars.

#Lyndons5Review || I’m Drunk, I Love You

Maja Salvador & Paulo Avelino



  1. The story is very relatable. Not trying hard, just real.
  2. It’s as if Maja Salvador is really Carson. The acting, the body language and the look are so natural.
  3. The songs used (mostly indi) are all great. OPM is alive.
  4. The dialogue of the characters are so real. It’s like hearing your friends talk.
  5. The finale is unexpected but damn good.