Fix Styling Equation.


February 2011, I tried having my hair styled at Tony and Jackey in Makati. The experience was great. The Korean stylists were all nice and the service was fast. It’s just that my hair really loves being styled at Bench Fix Salon. For 6 years now (except for that one T&J experience), no one touched my hair except FIX. It started before my college graduation in 2006 in their Glorietta branch. There is something in their hair styling technique that wherever branch you go you’ll have the same hair treatment.

Me and my pamangkins planned this make-over in 2012. We were all satisfied with the result of our new look. Let me share to you our styling EQUATION.

Disclaimer: This is not a separated at birth celebrity edition, so don’t mind the celebrity just focus on the hairstyle.

Lhen and her Pauleen Luna Look.

tumblr_m0pous9wwC1qfdieo  +  pauleen 020  =  tumblr_m0s388Bj1G1qfdieo

Kristian and his Derrick Monasterio hair style.

tumblr_m0pp3qq6R31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0pp9ylpzP1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3hc4wMd1qfdieo

Jhoi in her Marian Rivera hair style.

tumblr_m0s3qyS4Z51qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s3sa0MoD1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3uxgUA21qfdieo

And my Richard Gutierrez inspired hair style.

tumblr_m0s44kXQr31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s46vcBcE1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s4fjhUQv1qfdieo

Thank you again Bench Fix Salon – Robinsons Galleria Branch!