LYNDON TV || SEASON 4 || EPISODE 10 : 2017 : A Look Back

Some of my 2017 highlights.


Topshop || Topman Flagship Store Re-Opening

25 May 2011

I believe most of you will agree with me that “Bills Payment” mails are the most stressful. Not just the bills but also the toxic of paying it. I personally go to the bank and telco store to pay. I don’t just ask someone to do it for me, it’s the “OC” in me when it comes to numbers. One night, while checking on my billing mails I saw a not so familiar envelope. I felt so special when I opened it.

It’s an invitation for the re-opening of Topshop/Topman Flagship Store.


I tried to invite some of my friends since I am entitled to bring a +1. Only Karla was available on the day of the event. She also likes photography and I thought we can practice it there.

TOPSHOP is a British fashion retailer brand of clothing, accessories, shoes and make-up for women while TOPMAN is the fashion business counterpart of Topshop that caters men’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

250631_10150311313989167_2141117_n 250251_10150311313729167_6960931_n

Some of the photos outside the store before the event started. Since I received an invite, we can already enter the store during press event.

248121_10150311315314167_6120900_n250080_10150311311419167_5804724_n 247821_10150311311294167_5894543_n

Good food, booze and wine and good music while shopping? It’s the best place on earth right?

The Food.

250079_10150311308679167_7202027_n 249930_10150311312384167_7266983_n 248909_10150311309584167_8221551_n 248737_10150311313299167_451631_n 248372_10150311310809167_3395984_n 248013_10150311312289167_6160932_n 247116_10150311315579167_6985027_n 246703_10150311309274167_6127895_n 246690_10150311312449167_5712218_n

There’s Wine, Beer and Water.

247080_10150311314414167_4870895_n247182_10150311314509167_3147333_n 249474_10150311312919167_5235433_n

DJ’s spinning.


DJ Ornusa personally asked for this shot and she asked me to pout. That’s the only “pout” that I can. Lol!


Some of the cute stuff.

250937_10150311314629167_6546762_n 247456_10150311314699167_4198414_n250329_10150311310739167_1758422_n247992_10150311309349167_4218020_n249467_10150311310039167_510812_n 249234_10150311310129167_1415359_n 248856_10150311310204167_3138951_n 248250_10150311312064167_5992513_n

Of course if it’s a fashion or clothing line event, for sure there will be people with #OOTD worthy outfit.

The Women.

250639_10150311313079167_2103277_n 250405_10150311312989167_96904_n 248420_10150311313194167_4424068_n 247503_10150311313549167_2247212_n 247437_10150311308359167_3383354_n

The Men.

250838_10150311308769167_7612700_n 250392_10150311308944167_3811076_n 249959_10150311308864167_4265781_n 249776_10150311310279167_7214516_n 249809_10150311310549167_3812331_n 248795_10150311310419167_7306157_n 247670_10150311309669167_6836388_n 247189_10150311310644167_3882182_n 246774_10150311308239167_6693040_n

The Celebrities.

Phoemela Baranda


Marie Digby


Ornusa Cadness


Georgina Wilson


And last but not the least, my outfit of the day.


More photos.

250051_10150311315519167_542722_n 249859_10150311315394167_5463557_n 248929_10150311311474167_4945818_n 248915_10150311314849167_5096916_n 248647_10150311310959167_7476429_n 248265_10150311311514167_3720264_n 248144_10150311313364167_4670881_n 247724_10150311315189167_7969839_n247470_10150311314759167_5416975_n 247532_10150311309444167_6704887_n 246806_10150311311969167_5246363_n246742_10150311308049167_3591806_n247430_10150311314149167_4342806_n247931_10150311312644167_1587927_n

Thank you again, Topshop and Topman Philippines for inviting me!




Forever 21 Philippines

11 July 2010

Originally known as Fashion 21, the first Forever 21 store was founded in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the leading RTW stores in the world. They sell clothing, beauty products and accessories both for men and women. Forever 21 became famous for their trendy style and reasonable pricing.

In 2010, Forever 21 opened it’s first flagship store in Philippines. The store is located at the 2nd level of SM Megamall. It was indeed one of the most successful brand that opened here in the Philippines. As a proof, as much as I want to check the place and clothes on it’s opening weekend, the line at the entrance is just unbelievable! So I only have this wall photo.


I went back after a week, thank heaven it is already normal.

Here are some of my photos.

60261_10150089838319167_426372_n 60382_10150089839334167_3690818_n 60382_10150089839339167_7564452_n 60382_10150089839344167_4021459_n 60382_10150089839349167_5787793_n 60382_10150089839354167_6337874_n

Check this out. Can you imagine the opening weekend line?60382_10150089839359167_7041503_n

60382_10150089839364167_1432032_n 60382_10150089839369167_5454235_n 60382_10150089839374167_2942847_n 60382_10150089839379167_3194318_n 62188_10150089838954167_4127085_n 62188_10150089838959167_8323150_n 62188_10150089838964167_2747030_n 62188_10150089838969167_2720708_n 62188_10150089838974167_441198_n 62188_10150089838984167_5239437_n 62188_10150089838989167_103300_n 62188_10150089838994167_6954186_n 62188_10150089838999167_8020010_n 62188_10150089839004167_7918743_n

These were the only photos I took because the security guard called my attention. Kudos to the staff of Forever 21! They were all smiling and very helpful.

Visit Forever 21 at 2/F SM Megamall Bldg. A.



Fashion is something, Style is everything

07 July 2013

For those who are about to raise their eyebrows… No, I am not a stylist nor a fashion consultant. It’s just that people who know me the best trust my eye and taste in fashion, they often ask my opinion about what to wear and how to accessorize them, and I am more than happy to oblige.

What I tell them is what I’ll be imparting to you.

It all about COMFORT. You could wear the season’s best but if you’re not comfortable, they will not look good on you. All you did was buy expensive clothes. You could consult trend mags, but they should not overwhelm your style because you will end up with a disaster and be an eyesore to other people.

After we were given our clothing allowance last Friday, me and my good friend, Tina helped our colleague in choosing his clothes and accessories. Helping him was a good stress-reliever.

And then I remembered the first few people I styled, My nieces and nephew… Lol!

Kristian Dave’s junior prom in || 2008.


Katrina’s graduation photo shoot in || 2012.


Lhen’s first office day outfit || 2012.


Jhoi’s outfit for Prodigee’s Christmas Party || 2012.


Jhoi’s outfit for Kristian’s birthday party || 2013.


And of course for myself.

tumblr_inline_mpjtfkLTTN1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mpjthr5erZ1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mpjtiyl6Ap1qz4rgp

As you can see, I go for what’s comfortable. As Alexander McQueen would say.. “ I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” Go for the classy look because fashion fades but style is eternal. Naks! Lakas maka-Yves Saint-Laurent.



Fix Styling Equation.


February 2011, I tried having my hair styled at Tony and Jackey in Makati. The experience was great. The Korean stylists were all nice and the service was fast. It’s just that my hair really loves being styled at Bench Fix Salon. For 6 years now (except for that one T&J experience), no one touched my hair except FIX. It started before my college graduation in 2006 in their Glorietta branch. There is something in their hair styling technique that wherever branch you go you’ll have the same hair treatment.

Me and my pamangkins planned this make-over in 2012. We were all satisfied with the result of our new look. Let me share to you our styling EQUATION.

Disclaimer: This is not a separated at birth celebrity edition, so don’t mind the celebrity just focus on the hairstyle.

Lhen and her Pauleen Luna Look.

tumblr_m0pous9wwC1qfdieo  +  pauleen 020  =  tumblr_m0s388Bj1G1qfdieo

Kristian and his Derrick Monasterio hair style.

tumblr_m0pp3qq6R31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0pp9ylpzP1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3hc4wMd1qfdieo

Jhoi in her Marian Rivera hair style.

tumblr_m0s3qyS4Z51qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s3sa0MoD1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3uxgUA21qfdieo

And my Richard Gutierrez inspired hair style.

tumblr_m0s44kXQr31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s46vcBcE1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s4fjhUQv1qfdieo

Thank you again Bench Fix Salon – Robinsons Galleria Branch!