Forever 21 Philippines

11 July 2010

Originally known as Fashion 21, the first Forever 21 store was founded in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the leading RTW stores in the world. They sell clothing, beauty products and accessories both for men and women. Forever 21 became famous for their trendy style and reasonable pricing.

In 2010, Forever 21 opened it’s first flagship store in Philippines. The store is located at the 2nd level of SM Megamall. It was indeed one of the most successful brand that opened here in the Philippines. As a proof, as much as I want to check the place and clothes on it’s opening weekend, the line at the entrance is just unbelievable! So I only have this wall photo.


I went back after a week, thank heaven it is already normal.

Here are some of my photos.

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Check this out. Can you imagine the opening weekend line?60382_10150089839359167_7041503_n

60382_10150089839364167_1432032_n 60382_10150089839369167_5454235_n 60382_10150089839374167_2942847_n 60382_10150089839379167_3194318_n 62188_10150089838954167_4127085_n 62188_10150089838959167_8323150_n 62188_10150089838964167_2747030_n 62188_10150089838969167_2720708_n 62188_10150089838974167_441198_n 62188_10150089838984167_5239437_n 62188_10150089838989167_103300_n 62188_10150089838994167_6954186_n 62188_10150089838999167_8020010_n 62188_10150089839004167_7918743_n

These were the only photos I took because the security guard called my attention. Kudos to the staff of Forever 21! They were all smiling and very helpful.

Visit Forever 21 at 2/F SM Megamall Bldg. A.



Make Your Own Havaianas Year 7

12 May 2012

Originated in Brazil but since the last decade Havaianas became part of the Filipino fashion culture. A lot of you will agree with me when I say that there was a time in our lives that we opted to wear flip-flops than shoes or sandals. I started wearing Havaianas in 2004 and since then my urge in buying flip-flops was unstoppable. Me and my friends also started participating in the Make your own Havaianas and this year is my 5th year to grace this annual event. Started in 2006, it is the time of the year where in you can design your own Havaianas flip-flops. From selecting your base and strap to choosing the pins to add color to your personalized slippers.

You guys should try MYOH and make it a yearly habit. It will not only practice your creativity but it is also a great bonding moment with your friends and family. For updates you can like the official fan page of Havaianas on Facebook.

Check out our photos in this year’s MYOH.

This Havaianas outdoor design has been in every event since 2009.tumblr_m5rpkwNuxe1qfdieo

Every year, I see to it that I have my picture taken with my MYOH helper.tumblr_m5rplnKPR61qfdieo

Arsalan and Megan – MYOH first timers.tumblr_m5rpm6xyWq1qfdieo

Lhen – It’s her 4th pair of MYOH and her 2nd MYOH event.tumblr_m5rps9908I1qfdieo

Lester, Mommy Tins, Me and Patty – It’s the second year that we attended the event together. tumblr_m5rq0qPBIl1qfdieo

Kat and Tere – This is the first time that we attended the event together since the last one in 2009.


The waiting area.


Lola Bey – My favorite Twitter follower and chatmate.tumblr_m5rq8t0b8R1qfdieo

With Kristian and Lhen – 2 of my favorite pamangkins.tumblr_m5rq34rbec1qfdieo

My Make Your Own Havaianas pair this year.tumblr_m5rqb3zC2g1qfdieo

Yours truly at the red carpet entrance (Yes. Red carpet it is! :p)tumblr_m5rqc7WuNf1qfdieo

Until next summer!