Define Don on WORDPRESS!



Hi Guys! It’s me again! Same person, same blogger but different home. I’ve started blogging in 2006 via the blogging section of FRIENDSTER. I was so stressed with our graveyard team that night. I really wanted to release my anger that time but my friends were all in the day shift. I have my journal but the space is not enough. While browsing Friendster, I found out that there’s a new feature, the blog. I can still remember the title of my first blog entry ever, “People That You Should Avoid In The Office”. I literally described all the people that I hate and I gave them their screen names. They should feel honored because someone is taking time to write about them. Lol! I know that I really suck in creative writing but after I finished that entry, I felt the satisfaction. And then I realized that blogging can be a good stress reliever. Then my MULTIPLY, BLOGSPOT and TUMBLR blogs were born. Looking back at my old inactive blogs, from the topic of my entries, the words that I use to my grammar, I can say that I’ve truly evolved as a “BLOGGER”. I hope you guys will love this new blog just how much you loved my old blogs.



PS. – In the meantime, pardon me if I will just re-post my old blogs here. I promise to squeeze in new entries as well.