1. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t amazed. Then I heard they used Sa’yo as the movie’s theme song (which is my favorite OPM song) and I got excited. It’s just that I still prefer @silentsanctuaryonline‘s version.

2. 2 characters talking plus minimal scenes for other characters is the fad now, I guess (That thing called Tadhana and Kita Kita). The storyline of this movie is very different though. It was well written (thanks to @belapadilla).

3. Piolo and Toni got chemistry and both are great actors. It’s just that Toni’s shouting made me want to cover my ears in most of the scenes in the beginning.

4. There’s this scene where I somehow figured out the twist of the movie. Guess what? I’m ‘effin right! (I’ve guessed Kita Kita as well). The movie might be boring to some especially those who are mainstream/romcom formula lovers.

5. I think @direkbinibini is back at it. This is “The Joyce Bernal” that I know. The director that made me love many Pinoy Films. You did great once again, Direk Joyce.

Life Lesson : In life, we will meet many people. These people will teach us different things like being strong, falling in love and appreciate life. Cherish each moment with the people who thought you how to appreciate life more and saved you from your loneliness because you’ll never know, it might be the LAST NIGHT.


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