Top 16 From 2016

People of the year. 

I can’t consider 2016 as one of the best years of my life but it was definitely an interesting and exciting one. I made a list of 16 people who made 2016 a one hell of a ride.

Jenn Mallabo 

It was a brief 10 months of working together but we had numerous talks about our work and personal lives. She did my final interview for my current post and it was not your ordinary job interview. I thank her for giving me the chance to bring my A game when it comes to my career.

Platinum Retention Management Team

This team is so special to me because this is my first team after the major reorg in 2016. A group of diverse and hardworking individuals.

The Breakfast Club

I don’t know how it started because I usually eat breakfast at home and I have a different set of Breakfast buddies. I just went to the office one morning and POOF! I am eating breakfast with this best bunch. We all just click and the rest as they say is history.



The Linden Peeps

It all started as an inside joke with the Platinum’s Events Core Team to have an “orgy” party. Who would’ve thought that from 7 Events Core Team members, it will be a big group from different “Platinum Barkadas”. It was named The Linden Peeps for an obvious reason, we always pick The Linden Suites as our party venue. This is the “stress reliever” of everybody. Once you’re at the party it’s officially no-office-talk. I love you guys!


Lerina Gamier

She’s the first person from the office that I went on a trip with outside the Philippines. There was a time that I hated her so much to the point that I don’t want to see her and it’s all because of hearsay. It didn’t last that long though. After that, we became BFFF’s, yes with 3 F’s. We became really close after our heart to heart talk about the status of our hearts. Ironic, right?


John Roberto Altea

Actually my real ka-barkada is her sister, Karla. It just so happens that in 2016, we hang-out a lot. He is my go to person if I need someone to talk to when all of my friends are busy with their own lives. He may always crack jokes but he is one serious soul deep inside.



In life they say you should have at least 3 kinds of friends. An older one, who will mentor or teach you about life. Someone same age as yours, so you can have someone who will understand the things that you’re going through. And lastly, a younger one, someone you can mentor or teach things that you’ve experienced. Sting is my younger one. After his biggest trial this year, I think I’ve helped him, or I didn’t? Lol.



The person who must not be named. Unfortunately, I still included this person in this list. This person is a proof that I am still a human being. That’s all.


Francine Pe

When she first came to Platinum, I don’t like her. I just don’t know what happened but suddenly she is one of my most loved girls in the office. I consider her as my soul twin because we shared a lot of same experiences in 2016. And talking to her, I really feel that I am not alone in a certain situation. We don’t hang-out that much but I love her.


Edgar Selva

In the 3 stages of life friends, he is my older one. He is one of my closest friends in the office. One of the very few that I talk to even outside the office. He is also the one responsible why all of a sudden I’m into working out. After years of convincing me to go to the gym, I finally gave in. He is my personal physical trainer, well sort of.


Lani-li Bangit-Go

She’s my best friend in the office. If there’s one person in the office who I can trust my whole life with, it’s Lani-li. We’re literally stuck with each other through thick and thin. I love you, BFF!


Don Samson

Our friendship started in 2011, after he gave me the only Smurf toy that’s lacking in my collection.There was this one point in 2016 that I am really confused with what’s happening in my life and I needed someone who will pray with me. Guess what? We had novena in St. Jude for 9 weeks. Actually it’s just 8 because on the 7th week, he went to Japan. That moment sealed our friendship.


Herminio Manuel

One of the few high school and college friends that I’m still in touch with. He just gets me every time and I appreciate that a lot. In case one day I am nowhere to be found, try to check his house, I might be there.


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Team Torres

You know you are very lucky when you’re best friends with your family. They literally know everything about me. These people are the baby siblings that I never had. I really appreciate that they still consider my suggestions and inputs even if they are all matured individuals already. You guys will always be my babies.



Patty Lizardo

My best friend for 16 years. She will be forever one of the best people to me. I don’t need to enumerate the reasons why. I love you, Patching!



If I can only name one best thing that happened to me in 2016, it’s going to be the lifestyle change. Thanks to this girl for introducing me to Herbalife. This is really the best version of me.

We should always be grateful to the people who made us better individuals. I plan to make this list a yearly thing. How about 17 next time for 2017?




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