That Thing Called ALDUB


12 September 2015

To be honest, I WAS never a fan of the “Juan for All and All for Juan” segment of Eat Bulaga. Once in a while, I’d be able to watch an episode or two because my family members are loyal EAT BULAGA fans, but I never really get to watch the full segment.

One night, my mom and brother kept on calling each other “Yaya” and “Rogelio”. I was like: “Who are these people?”. Only to find out that these are the names of the new characters of the segment. There’s this one Saturday when I got to watch a whole segment, which is also being referred to as “Kalye-Serye”, and this was the  YaKie wedding where Yaya Dub fainted. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it, however, it did not compel  me to be a daily viewer.

Then, something happened on September 5, 2015…

My best friend, Patty, was confined at St. Luke’s BGC. I was able to watch Alden Richards’ performance for the wild card entry of BULAGA PA MORE, but I’ve decided to grab something for lunch and missed the final half of the episode. Patty excitedly told me that Alden and Yaya Dub were able to finally see each other in person only to be separated by a thin wall before they could touch each other. My initial reaction was “Ah…. Sayang!”.

After a long day in the hospital, I went home. I was all alone in the house because my family attended an event in Pampanga,  and being the paranoid that I am, I was finding it hard to sleep. It’s 7am of the following day and I have yet to get any decent sleep, so I just browsed newsfeeds from my Facebook timeline and saw someone shared a video with the caption “NAGKITA NA SILA!”. Just for the heck of it, I watched the video. At first, I found that when Yaya Dub and Alden were running around the stage to get a glimpse of each other a little on the corny side BUT when their eyes met, with the song “God Gave Me You” at the background,  and saw the smile on Maine’s eyes emanating what seemed to be pure joy, I was moved by how genuine everything seemed and overcame with emotions that I cried.


Source: ALDUB LOVE STORY (youtube) and

That day, I re-watched not only the entire episode, but also that magical moment that happened between the time 3:51 to 4:46 of this very episode countless of time. Each time, each viewing brought tears to my eyes. Since then, I became an official ALDUB fan.

I knew Alden Richards released an album in 2013, with the help of my friend, I was able to score a copy. Thank you, Manay Agnes!


If only Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub already released an album, I would also surely secure a copy.

It would seem the stars where in the right alignment for me to meet one half of this worldwide phenomenon because my friend, Joanne, was invited by Sir AK to visit him at Broadway last September 11, 2015, and since I’ve been trying to convert her to become an Aldub fan, she thought of bringing me with her. I thought we will just have a quick meeting at the artist’s hallway but one of the staff escorted us to the side stage so we can watch the show first while waiting for Sir AK.

As I watched Alden’s segment there was absolutely no doubt he is really the Pambansang BAE. I thought that the whole building would literally collapse when he went onstage with Sam YG as the audience screamed their hearts out for him. The atmosphere and the excitement reminded me of something similar to the J&J Teen Cheer Competition or the UAAP/NCAA opening ceremony.


As I said earlier, the stars were in alignment as I was able to meet Alden.  Unfortunately, Yaya Dub, being part of the “Sugod-Bahay Gang” with JOWAPAO (Jose, Wally and Paolo), is often on location, so there was really a slim chance of a photo-op with her.


That’s me and my friend, Joanne with the Pambansang BAE, Alden Richards.


Before we left, Mr. Joey de Leon arrived. I called him ‘Tito Joey’, then, I remembered how he doesn’t want to be called Tito. So after this photo was taken, I redeemed myself and called him ‘Sir Joey’. This makes it 1 out of 3, and, hopefully on my next visit, I’ll have a photo-op with Bossing and Tito Sen.


Thank you very much, Joanne and Sir AK! Until next time.

Did I forget to mention that on the day of my visit it was also the premiere of Aldub’s first ever TVC –  the one for McDonald’s newest product? Well, it was, and being an Aldub Fan, of course, I not only tried it but I enjoyed it as well.


Call me Baduy, Pathetic or Jologs, I don’t care. I. Just. Don’t. Care.

Hahahaha! Until next time!




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