Doppelgänger (Ka-Look-Alike or KALOKA-like?)

26 August 2014.


In fiction, it means a look-alike or double of a living person.

In folklore, doppelgänger is believed to be a person that foretells the coming of someone. It is also believed as a phenomenon that signifies change, possibly good or bad.

In street language, it simply means double or someone that closely resembles another.

Most of the time our doppelgängers are celebrities or famous personalities. I hate to admit it but… Yeah, it is a compliment being compared to these people. Since last week, my Facebook and Instagram timelines were invaded by MAKE-UP TRANSFORMATION photos. (read: make-up transformation trend is different from picture collage. CLEAR?) And then I remembered this pending blog entry about (for the nth time) Doppelgänger.



Here are the Top 10 Doppelgängers that people said I kinda look like.

10. John Prats – A local actor/comedian/dancer and TV host in the Philippines. Started as a child star in 1992 via the youth gag-show ANG TV. People said I looked like him when we were younger. Actually, it started when Batang X and Rollerboys movies came out in 1995.


9. Andre Paras – A Filipino model/actor. He is the son of former basketball superstar Benjie Paras. My former boss told me that we’re look-alike when the Diary ng Panget movie came out.


8. Ryan Yllana – A comedian turned politician in Paranaque, Philippines. Most of his TV shows were with GMA7. I can’t forget this story. My friend and I were at Shell J.Vargas that time when a group of young boys came out of Chowking. One of them surprisingly went beside me and uttered loudly, “Si Ryan Yllana nga!”. I don’t know if we really have any resemblance or it’s because we’re both… Uh, HEALTHY?!


7. Paul Salas – A child actor who started his television career via the reality-based artista show, Starstruck Kids. From GMA he moved to ABS-CBN in 2008 and now one of the popular tweens of the network. Maybe, I look like him during my younger years.


6. Miko Samson – He is a former teen actor. His claim to fame was the hit  ABS-CBN youth-oriented TV series G-mik. He was part of the Stefano-Camille-Miko love triangle. I heard he is now a practicing lawyer.


5. Gino Quillamor – He is the latest addition to the Ultimate Radio Duo Chico and Delamar of The Morning Rush. He is also the reigning Cutest Male DJ of After his GGV guesting, one of my brother’s friends messaged me on Facebook “Kamukha mo pala si Gino ng Morning Rush!”. Of course I am flattered. Who wouldn’t want to be a Gino Q. look-alike?


4. Matthew Mendoza – He was a 90’s heartthrob. He is best known as Fredo in the 1996 movie remake of Dyesebel with former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales. Actually, people will just say that I look like him after mentioning my number 2 doppelgänger.


3. Kirby de Jesus – Another Starstruck alumnus. He was part of the second wave of Starstruck. He appeared mostly on GMA shows when he was still active in showbiz.


2. Robin Da Roza – Another 90’s heartthrob. He is an actor/model and former television host. He is a graduate of the Philippine School of Interior Design. During one of the breaks of the personality development training that our College block organized, the speaker came to me and mentioned that I look like Robin Da Roza. Again, who wouldn’t want that right?


1. Raymond Gutierrez – A TV host, editor, columnist, endorser and actor. He is the twin brother of Richard Gutierrez. I must admit that Mond is the most “gasgas” name that people will mention when taking about my look-alike(s). I can never forget this one time, we were in Caloocan for a product activation of my high school friend. We were touring the barangay giving cheese products. All of a sudden a mommy grabbed my hand and asked ”Lumalabas ka sa TV dba?“ then another mommy joined us and asked ”Gutierrez?“ Me and my buddy were just laughing because all the mommies went to us to buy our cheese and we were the first team to finish selling the products. I actually admire Raymond’s style.


Here’s a bonus doppelgänger. I actually don’t know why, but as far as my memory serves me right when I was a kid people always tell me that I look like HER. Yes, you read it right…HER.

Gretchen Barretto – An actress and an endorser in the Philippines. The ST Queen of the 90’s and the eldest of the Barretto showbiz sisters. I don’t know why and how we are look-alike.


How about you guys who is/are your doppelgänger/s?




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