Make Your Own Havaianas Year 7

12 May 2012

Originated in Brazil but since the last decade Havaianas became part of the Filipino fashion culture. A lot of you will agree with me when I say that there was a time in our lives that we opted to wear flip-flops than shoes or sandals. I started wearing Havaianas in 2004 and since then my urge in buying flip-flops was unstoppable. Me and my friends also started participating in the Make your own Havaianas and this year is my 5th year to grace this annual event. Started in 2006, it is the time of the year where in you can design your own Havaianas flip-flops. From selecting your base and strap to choosing the pins to add color to your personalized slippers.

You guys should try MYOH and make it a yearly habit. It will not only practice your creativity but it is also a great bonding moment with your friends and family. For updates you can like the official fan page of Havaianas on Facebook.

Check out our photos in this year’s MYOH.

This Havaianas outdoor design has been in every event since 2009.tumblr_m5rpkwNuxe1qfdieo

Every year, I see to it that I have my picture taken with my MYOH helper.tumblr_m5rplnKPR61qfdieo

Arsalan and Megan – MYOH first timers.tumblr_m5rpm6xyWq1qfdieo

Lhen – It’s her 4th pair of MYOH and her 2nd MYOH event.tumblr_m5rps9908I1qfdieo

Lester, Mommy Tins, Me and Patty – It’s the second year that we attended the event together. tumblr_m5rq0qPBIl1qfdieo

Kat and Tere – This is the first time that we attended the event together since the last one in 2009.


The waiting area.


Lola Bey – My favorite Twitter follower and chatmate.tumblr_m5rq8t0b8R1qfdieo

With Kristian and Lhen – 2 of my favorite pamangkins.tumblr_m5rq34rbec1qfdieo

My Make Your Own Havaianas pair this year.tumblr_m5rqb3zC2g1qfdieo

Yours truly at the red carpet entrance (Yes. Red carpet it is! :p)tumblr_m5rqc7WuNf1qfdieo

Until next summer!



06 April 2012



J.CO Donuts is a cafe that started in Indonesia in 2005. Just this year, they’ve opened their first chain in the Philippines. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be a craze just like Magnum ice cream. So before people tagged J.CO as the donuts for social climbers, let me share to you the newest donut in town. J.CO DONUTS!

If you’re a fan of not-so-sweet donuts, J.CO is the best option. And just like me, I know you will all be curious with what the flavors taste like. With catchy names like Blueberry Moore, Heaven Berry and Avocado di Caprio, who wouldn’t be thrilled if they hear the Hollywood sounding names as a donut flavor. And of course my favorite Alcapone, not the gangster but the almond slivers and Belgian white chocolate covered donut.


You’re J.CO experience will not be complete if you will not try Mona Pisa, a pizza like donut with sausage and cheese and of course the Club Cheesy Rich donut sandwich that will remind you of our ENSAYMADA.

Visit J.CO now!



Team Manila Warehouse Sale 2012


I learned about Team Manila while I’m reading FHM in 2007, but I don’t have any idea where to buy them. With the help of my friend Anselmo, we we’re able to buy our first ever Team Manila shirt and since then I considered myself as a TEAM MANILA BABY! This year is my first time to visit their Warehouse Sale.


This is what will welcome you on the 3rd floor of the building.


I found treasure at the back of this door. Ready?

The shirts.







Bags and other Team Manila items.





Since I went there on the last week of the event, most of the designs were already out of stock or no size available for me. There was this shirt that I really like but unfortunately, no size available. It’s design is my initial.

L-yndon V-illanueva M-artin. Isn’t it nice?


Anyway, I bought 5 shirts and 2 stickers amounting….(drum roll) 1040Php. What a great find right?


I would definitely go back and visit Team Manila’s Warehouse Sale in the future. For those asking, Team Manila Warehouse Sale is open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm and it’s located at 3/F Valdelcon Bldg. 20 Jupiter Street Bel-Air Makati City.

You can also visit Team Manila stores in Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma.

2 thumbs-up for Team Manila Warehouse Sale.




Fix Styling Equation.


February 2011, I tried having my hair styled at Tony and Jackey in Makati. The experience was great. The Korean stylists were all nice and the service was fast. It’s just that my hair really loves being styled at Bench Fix Salon. For 6 years now (except for that one T&J experience), no one touched my hair except FIX. It started before my college graduation in 2006 in their Glorietta branch. There is something in their hair styling technique that wherever branch you go you’ll have the same hair treatment.

Me and my pamangkins planned this make-over in 2012. We were all satisfied with the result of our new look. Let me share to you our styling EQUATION.

Disclaimer: This is not a separated at birth celebrity edition, so don’t mind the celebrity just focus on the hairstyle.

Lhen and her Pauleen Luna Look.

tumblr_m0pous9wwC1qfdieo  +  pauleen 020  =  tumblr_m0s388Bj1G1qfdieo

Kristian and his Derrick Monasterio hair style.

tumblr_m0pp3qq6R31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0pp9ylpzP1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3hc4wMd1qfdieo

Jhoi in her Marian Rivera hair style.

tumblr_m0s3qyS4Z51qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s3sa0MoD1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s3uxgUA21qfdieo

And my Richard Gutierrez inspired hair style.

tumblr_m0s44kXQr31qfdieo  +  tumblr_m0s46vcBcE1qfdieo  =  tumblr_m0s4fjhUQv1qfdieo

Thank you again Bench Fix Salon – Robinsons Galleria Branch!

Project Calendar. SHELVED.

November 2011, I’ve started conceptualizing this project. We started the photo and video shoot 3 weeks after. The whole first session with Joy and Kean went well. I scheduled Michelle and Kristian the following week but it rained. The weather the following week just got worse and this weekend is the worst, thanks but no thanks to typhoon Sendong. With just 2 weeks left before our target launch and due to the limited weekend and unpredictable weather ( I use natural light with my photos by the way.), this project will be put on hold until the things and people needed are settled.Let me share to you some of my favorite photos from the ONLY shoot that we had for this project.

tumblr_lwepd85kNo1qgb5aoo1_500 tumblr_lwepd85kNo1qgb5aoo3_250tumblr_lwepd85kNo1qgb5aoo2_250tumblr_lwepd85kNo1qgb5aoo4_500